from our 

We get letters.
We get lots of letters.

Over the years since Kramer's Best has been available to our customers we have received letters,  post cards, thank you cards, notes written on orders, phone calls, and in more recent years many e-mails.

It always pleases us when our customers take time to pass on their thanks and words of praise.  It reinforces our belief that there are people out there who do appreciate our efforts to produce really effective and worthwhile products.

We have reproduced many of those messages here for you to read.  Redundant information such as "Dear Mr. Kramer", specific information about the order, etc., have not been included.  Also we have honored privacy and not included names or other identifying information of the correspondent, nor have we included names of competitor products.  All for obvious reasons. 

We do have the originals of all of these and more, and would be glad to furnish them for viewing at our location by appointment.

We hope these are helpful to you.


…Your Antique Improver is the best product we have used in three decades of caring for our Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century furniture. Its restorative quality is amazing. It is more than you claim for it!… W.A.N. 7/25/94

…I purchased an 8-oz. sample of your Antique Improver at the Cleveland Woodworkers Show. Have tried it on a 100-year-old 60-inch oak rolltop desk and had terrific results. It's the best natural way to repair antiques I've seen. So send me 1 gallon ASAP! Enclosed is my check… J.C.R. 11/16/89

…Your Antique Improver works great. I would appreciate your promptness in getting my order out. My oak floors are waiting to be finished… J.C. 10/31/89

…Enclosed please find my business card. We have spoken with you on several occasions at the Governor's Building and once in Weston. Finally we have plunged and opened our own collective and have great hopes for success. As it has been my experience that your product worked for me when others failed, I would like to offer it to my customers... C.M.

…Yesterday, after our telephone conversation, Bob and I were in the garage working on some projects, when neighbors of ours dropped over, Rich having been so impressed with some project which Bob had used the Improver on, that he brought his wife over to see it. Bob mentioned to them that he had used the Improver on the car, which is painted red and that it had completely removed the oxidation. With the neighbors watching, Bob tried the Improver on the chrome and, of course, it worked like a charm. Presto! Another convert. You know, it is really fun to play with this stuff. We got a box of driftwood down from the attic last night (now I know what I was saving it for) and started the process on it. We also have an appointment this evening with a doctor friend of ours who is a woodworker, woodcarver and wood collector. I know he'll go crazy – we're taking cases and gallons with us…B.&M.H. 5/15/88

…A couple months ago you were part of the wood show at the Myriad in Oklahoma City and 1 met you there. I purchased a couple bottles of your Antique Improver and have been very happy with it. It did all to my old dining room set you claimed. I am grateful for it and the info you gave me to repair and reglue my wife's old beautiful cherry dining table and 8 chairs. As you suggested I used hide glue and your Improver. It all looks wonderful!…R.F. 5/6

…We refinished a dresser and an antique chair with your Antique Improver. They look terrific. Can you please send me a brochure and price list as I now need some more of the Antique Improver….S.W.D. 1/17/90

…Just a note to let you know that for couple of years I never tried your furniture polish. After buying it at the K.C. show, let me tell you it is the best. I am amazed. I will be buying more!…R.J. 1/16/90

…Since I talked with you, I have decided to order two cases of your Antique Improver, so have enclosed a check…I still say it's the best thing ever for restoring new color to the old hardwood floors, and we are gradually getting others to see the picture, too. Now, just don't stop producing….R.&M.R. 5/31/90

…I just want to thank you for caring enough to make such excellent products at such reasonable prices. I first saw your products at a woodworking show in Washington, D.C. I have since used your Antique Improver on dressers, end tables, and even on the wood on the dash of my car. This stuff really is amazing! Your Blemish Clarifier has saved more than one piece of my furniture from the evils of stripping. It has removed: paint, nail polish, watermarks (8-year-old watermarks), and even cigarette burns. I hope that you continue to manufacture your products as they will certainly play an important role in my restoration efforts…D.LaF 3/17/1990

…Your excellent polish was here when I returned from Texas. Today the teakwood table is already improved. It will get another coat in the next two days. My grandson who attends Sam Houston State U. told me about seeing a demonstration. He has a Wood Work Class…My table has had 22 years hard wear, and you might like to consider me as giving a testimonial…T.G.S. 4/3/89

…We purchased your product at another antique shop and have been very satisfied with it. How can we purchase it wholesale to sell in our shop? Please send us information concerning minimum orders, price, delivery, etc…V.B. 8/9/88

…Please rush order. We saw you at Bartle Hall. We used the oil on our burned kitchen cabinets – it worked wonders – now we have to put it on the rest of the cabinets, etc… M.M.

…I bought a bottle of your Antique Improver in Columbus, Ohio, last January. My wife and I are refinishing an old table and we just recently got to the applying new finish stage. We selected this project to use your Antique Improver on. It's excellent, but I ran out. Please send me a current price list including availability of larger containers… B.G. 7/20/89

…I purchased your product Antique Improver at the Chicago Antique Show on Aug. 19. On Aug. 22 I applied it to my beautiful mahogany finish piano to try to remove multiple cat paw print stains – 48 hours later same stains are 98% removed! I expect that a few more applications will result in 100% removal of a stain(s) I have "fought" for 5+ years. Thanks so much for a very effective product; it not only removes the stains but certainly has enhanced the beauty of the original finish. I certainly am glad that I stopped at your booth and purchased your product…. J.B. 8/23/89

…I talked with you at the Woodworking Show in Winston Salem and purchased several of your products. I brought them home and immediately started to reclaim a drum table that had been heavily damaged with water and no telling what else. I have already used 6 oz. Of Antique Improver and three oz. of Blemish Clarifier and finally am about to get the top into shape. I tried to get your phone number to consult with you, but found it unlisted. I will certainly be out of materials before you can get this order to me. Maybe I'm using too much…Enjoyed your lecture at the show…C.G., M.D. 10/9/89

…I met you at the last Antique Show at the Merchandise Mart. At that time I told you about an old set of bedroom furniture which belong to my husband's mother (probably 50 years old purchased from…). The finish was terribly checkered. You suggested I use the Blemish Clarifier. I have tried it and it is more than a miracle!! However the small 8-oz. Bottle will probaly do one side of the footboard. I will need much more. Do you think 1 gallon would do it?… J.McG. 4/4

…Just tried the Antique Improver last week end (bought it last month at the Wash.DC Show) on a couple of old chairs – I'm very impressed…C.J. 3/19/89

…I purchased a qt. of your Antique Improver at the January Equipment show, being a new woodworker, and a sucker for a good sales pitch. I have been using it on little knick knacs I have been making for my wife and grandchildren. All new wood oak, mahogany, and African vermillian to name a few. I don't like to paint and cover the natural beauty, so I use your magic formula and burn any detailing I need. As a novice I am SUPER impressed with the beauty of my finished piece due to your magic. In reality I have no doubts similar products are available. They will no doubt present themselves in such a manner as to seduce me into trying them, but as with other times in a mans life, THE FIRST TIME will always be remembered with a special feeling of awe. Any tips you would care to share on the use of your magic elixir with this virginal woodworker will be greatly appreciated. Grandmaw always said "a fool and his money are soon parted", so now for the purpose of this letter. Please fill the enclosed order… R.C.H 2/14/90

…I have seen your product at Columbus, O. wood working show and Toledo, O. show. Being I am a collector of antique tools I tried it on old wood levels & planes. It works great. I belong to 2 tool collectors associations. I had many fellows ask me what I used on my tools. I could promote this for you almongst my fellow tool collectors. Please send me 2 more bottles… R.H. 6/20/89

…It was a pleasure meeting you at the Norfolk Show. We really enjoyed your seminar. We're re lly impressed with your products. The oak floor is going in & we've decided to use your oil finish. You mentioned the amount of coverage per gallon, however, there isn't a price listed on your brochure for that amount. Please contact us and furnish any information that you feel may help us in finishing our floors and also, the most cost effective way to purchase a large quantity of all… P.M. 3/28/89

…I bought a bottle of your Kramer's Best two step wipe on wipe dry Antique Improver, and was very pleased with the results. Would you please send one 8-oz bottle with a brochure… G.W. 11/5/88

…Friends of mine attended a wood working show on Long Island recently and purchased a bottle of your Antique Improver. They were very pleased with its performance. Therefore would you please send… M.B.J 3/21/90

…I had purchased your product, Antique Improver, from you at a wood work show in Cleveland, Ohio. I am very pleased with the results I have acquired. I have lost your brochure and price list and am in need of more… A.D. 2/8/89

…Could you please send me several each of your brochures and products & instruction catalogs have friends & family wanting them and have given all of mine away and still have people asking for them to try your products…. S.M.S.

…We met at your show in New York and we are very pleased with your products. I have been using your Antique Improver on English Oak Paneling that is about 100 years old and it is restoring it beautifully. I would like to know… A.M.

I've been using your Kramer's Antique Improver since seeing you at a wood working show in Norfolk, Va. At the time I bought three bottles and it does go a long way. I am most impressed with this product as it is the best thing I have ever used on wood. Now my three grown girls have discovered from my supply what it does for their wood so my supply is very low. I need a price list… B.J.S. 6/4/90

…I have a number of reasons for writing to you. Firstly, you have a tremendous product in Your Antique Improver. I have had great success not only with restoring antique furniture but with refinishing trim on restored houses as well. We first encountered your product at a woodworking show at the D.C. Armory. I picked up an order form, but have since lost it. Please send more… R.B.

…I heard about your furniture polish from a friend of mine, in Oyster Bay N.Y. and she told me how good it was. Will you please send… M.G.P. 3/22/90

…I have tried three of your products and am quite satisfied with the results. The recyclable containers are a real plus! To this end please ship to me at the above address… J.P.K. 10/17/90

I have used your Antique Improver with excellent results. I do all types of woodworking and refinishing in my shop as well as musical instument construction and repair for a store in Oklahoma City. The store owner and I would both like to be distributors of your products. Please send… W.H. 6/22/90

…hope you remember me. I had forgotten my Antique Improver at Red Lodge. I finally received it last week through Jeff. After working with it I found out that this stuff is really good. If I would be your wholeseller in Germany and order by gallons, bottle and label by myself, what kind of a price could I get?… Hudson's Bay Indian Trading Post, Heinz Brundl, Ddreimuhlenstr. 19, 8000 Munchen 5.

…I have ordered from you before and want to order more but I can't find the price list and order form. I got your address from the label on one of the bottles. I use the Kramer's Antique Improver a lot and I have let my friends and neighbors use it and we all love it. In fact I need to order several bottles for me and my friends. I have been refinishing furniture for myself, family and friends the last few years. There have been several instances where people have asked me to refinish a piece of furniture and I know right away that the piece doesn't really need refinishing, it just needs your Antique Improver. Everyone is really amazed and happy with how well it works. I would appreciate it if you would send…M.M.R.

…In the fall of 1989 I bought an 8-oz. Bottle of your Antique Improver at a woodworking show in Harrisburg, PA. I can't tell you how impressed I've been. I've used it to finish several of my woodcarvings and it is great stuff. I've used it with all kinds of wood, walnut, cherry, cocobolo, mahogany, etc. and all have come out beautifully. Because it works so well and I haven't found anything to compare, I am enclosing a check for more…J.S.McG.

…Please send a list of where I can buy your products. A friend bought a bottle of Kramer's Antique Improver and loaned it to me. The results were wonderful. I was very pleased with them. She had purchased hers… J.L 3/13/91

…I have used the Kramer's Antique Improver that I bought from you in Cleveland, Ohio at the IX Center's Antique Show. It is great! I need more… M.S.

You may not recall I was at your show and booth in Minneapolis several weeks ago. I purchased a quart of your Antique Improver to finish a new cherry cabinet. It is beautiful with your finish!! Send me some more… W.G. 3/14/91

…Enclosed is my order for 1 quart of your Antique Improver. Your product is excellent! We bought the 8 oz. to try and have used it on about everything! It was at the Cleveland Antique Expo in Dec. that we saw your product and very glad we did!… A.J.F. 1/4/91

…I recently purchased your product, while you were at the Michigan State Fair, Detroit Michigan, however, I only purchased an 8 oz. Bottle. I wish you had sold me a larger bottle. I am out and I have lost your order form. Even though I was a skeptic you have made a believer out of me. Your product does a marvelous job. My furniture really looks great. Kindly send…G.W.G.

…My wife and I had the opportunity this summer to pull our trailer around the United States on an extended vacation. While traveling through Lawrence, Kansas we stopped by a church fund raiser. It was there that we became aware of your Museum Quality Kramer's Antique Improver. My wife was so impressed that we purchased two bottles. Now that we are back home and have the opportunity to actually use your product in our home we are more than impressed. We are sold on it. We now have a problem. We do not know that it is available in our area and nothing else will do. Would you please let us know… R.M. 11/1/91

…My wife and I were visiting Kansas City last September and attended the antique show. I purchased a bottle of Antique Improver. Wow!!!! We have furniture that has been handed down to us from both sides of our family plus furniture we purchased when we were married 30 years ago. And—after treating our beautiful furniture everything is even more beautiful now. My wife is very pleased with the outcome of your wonderful product… P.W#. 12/9/91

…I would like information regarding where I can purchase your Antique Improver. We purchased a bottle at the Earth Awareness Exposition and really love it!… K.O.-W.

…I have used your Kramer's Antique Improver and I found it to be of excellent quality. I would very much like to get a couple of bottles for my own use as I have antique furniture. Please advise… D.S. 3/29/93

…About a year and a half ago I was at an antique show purchased an 8 oz. Bottle of your Kramer's Antique Improver for an old victrola I found in an abandoned house some 5 years ago. The victrola along with a 1887 sewing machine and case were very water damaged and dried out. Your product revived both items 3/4 of the way towards what I'm after. Then I ran out. I truly hope you are still producing the Antique Improver. I would like to purchase… T.N. 8/18/93

…Several years ago we bought your Antique Improver while you were here in Denver. It is one of the best items I have ever used and have already reordered from you. Thanks for these wonderful products! We've recently moved and our home is in need of some "TLC". Please send the following…B.R. 8/17/93

…My husband and I purchased your Antique Improver at the Denver Antique Show at the Merchandise Mart. It is fantastic! Thanks so much. Please send me a quart… B.R.

…The Antique Improver and Blemish Clarifier are great. I'm giving so much away to friends and neighbors, I think I should inquire about becoming a dealer… W.MacC.2/25/94

…Rush this great stuff. We had a long visit by phone on last order. Thanks! I'm giving small samples to family members…

…I spoke to you on the phone today. Please send me a bottle of your wonderful polish… S.W. 11/3/94

…I'm sure you've heard these words before—Thanks! On Oct. 13th one of your demonstrators was at our Crippled Children's Antique Show here in … I bought a bottle of your "Kramer's Best Antique Improver". I read all the material first. And when I came across the statement that I could try rubbing alcohol first to see if that ugly brown "wrinkled" finish would come off I did so. And Praise The Lord—it did. We live in a very old house, for 22 years. Our hardwood woodwork looked awful. But I couldn't bring myself to undertake the job of stripping it. So it has just stayed and looked ugly. So I bought several pints of alcohol, plenty of rags and went to work. After a few days I put your Kramer's (Miracle Worker) on, and lo and behold I have what looks like new woodwork and oh so beautiful! Thank you and God Bless you. It also took care of an ugly white stain on a very old end table where my husband spilled coffee… A.&J.S. 11/22/94

…What a wonderful product! I love your Antique Improver! I bought the 8 oz. Bottle in Davenport, Iowa at an Antique Show. My wood furniture has a rich glow and it's all because of this wonderful "magic" invention! In my haste I didn't pick up any order forms and I'm almost out!… Mr. & Mrs. B.F. 9/27/93

…I purchased your Antique Improver in K.C. and think it is a wonderful product—now I have lost all information on reorders…My furniture looks great and my kitchen cabinets—25 years old—are like new… L.G. 9/14/93

…After my return to Germany I ran out of your wonderful Antique Improver that I used and bought when living in the U.S.A. for some years. Could you please send me… W.M. 7/14/93

…Since 1989 Kramer's Best Antique Improver has been a mainstay for the antique furniture we own. We were introduced to it by Marian Blades when we visited her booth at an Antique Show and Sale in Salina that year. I talked to her about becoming a dealer at that time but did not follow through. Now my wife and a friend have opened a booth in an antique mall… R.D.M. 8/12/94

…I've been using Kramers Antique Improver on all my antique furniture and I love it. It works better than any other product I've used. Please let me know how and where… S.S. 1/2/94

…This is a fantastic product! It really worked wonders on my mother's bedroom furniture (70 plus years old!) We're originally from Missouri (Warrensburg)—and discovered your product while visiting down there last spring. Please send a few order forms with my order so that I can pass them out to a few friends… Mrs. D.W.

…I am glad to have the product for sale. I have sold 9 bottles since I displayed them. Looking forward to a long relationship with your product line… D.S. 3/12/93

…Please send brochure & order form. Your product is excellent… B.S. 3/15/93

…I am enclosing an order for some more of your wonderful furniture polish. It is wonderful! I bought a small bottle from you at the shopping center in Ashville last July…I have used it on many of my very old pieces and love it. I demonstrated it to my Mother on some of her very fine pieces and she was impressed with the way it brought out the tone of the wood and left no sticky residue. I gave her the remains of the bottle I bought from you and now I need some more. I just wanted to add this note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your wonderful product and am thankful that I decided to try it. When you send my order, please send along another order blank and brochure that I can share with my friends… H.A.R. 12/31/92

…I bought a bottle of Kramer's Best Antique Improver a couple of months after opening an antique shop. I was stripping and refinishing some items & thought your product sounded too good to be true. Well it's absolutely what you claimed. I did an English cabinet with it—no stain—just Kramers on bare wood & it looks beautiful. Now I would like to know if we could carry it in our shop. I have enclosed a business card and hope to hear from you soon…C.B. 8/6/96

…I tried your product & loved it! Please send a bottle & instructions to my friend at the above address as a gift from me…R.E.

…Bought my 1st bottle when we were in Branson. Love the product. So does my antiques…B.S. 10/29/96

…I have to tell you that this is a wonderful product!…J.S. 9/9/96

…I use your Antique Improver and am very impressed with the way it works. I bought it at an antique show and have used it to the last drop. Can you tell me where I can buy more?…E.S. 10/21/96

…I had to send you a copy of a letter I wrote and tell you about my experience with your Kramer's Best Antique Improver. As the letter states, 6 mos. Ago my 7 yr. old daughter sprayed Lysol on the mahogony wood panels in one of our bathrooms. The home is 13 years old, we just bought it a year ago. I tried for quite a while to find a solution that would not require refinishing, and did not want to try anything abrasive. That's when I remembered the bottle of your stuff that the previous owner…had left for me, saying I'd need it. Since it was the first time I'd used it, I only tested it on a small spot, putting it on pretty wet and gently rubbing. As you can guess, it WORKED!! To this day the spots are still gone. Mr. Kramer, I have since used your Improver on a lot of things, most recently a wooden bread box I bought at a yard sale that looked pretty weathered. The results were pretty dramatic. Anyway, I hope other people who have problems can get the word on your product…[letter to Al Carrell: "Super Handyman" columnist included]…D.M. 10/8/96

…I would be interested in getting this product to retail in our Antique Store. I absolutely love the Antique Improver especially on metal items…E.

…Thank you for making three great products. It is good to talk to a craftsman who cares about the product he puts out. It is also nice to call with a question and not have to play with phone recording & press different numbers just to get to talk to a live person. I wish you success in your endeavors, present and future….G.Q.A, 12/7/96

…This is a great product…I am in the military and move every 3 years. I do antiques on my off time and always looking for good buys and product to keep my antiques looking their best, and by far yours is the best…R.J.L. 11/21/96

…I used it on old English dining room chairs a man had stripped for me because they were so dark. I used the Ant. Imp. on the cleaned wood and was thrilled at the warm color that appeared as well as the grain of the quarter-sawn wood. I want to do the dining table, sideboard, and 3 more chairs next so please send the enclosed order. The 3 8-oz. Bottles are for my 3 daughter-in-laws for Christmas. I know they will love it, too. It's so easy….E.E. 12/9/96

…How good it was to visit with you this afternoon. Your product is wonderful! It does a remarkable job and is very easy to use…I look forward to selling your great product!…C.B. 1/19/96

…I have made the most miraculous discovery! It is your "Best Antique Improver." I was "lent" a small portion by a colleague, and I cannot say enough for the results! Seriously, this beats hollow any similar products I have tried in the past, and there have been quite a few of those. How would I go about becoming a dealer…J.R.H. 10/5/96

…I have recently used your Antique Improver on a couple of pieces, and have found that it works very well. I even like the way it smells. I would like to carry it as a convenience to my customers…T.L.V. 1/11/96

…I have been using the Antique Improver for about 3 years now…Would it be possible to purchase the product directly from you?…I don't use any other products on my furniture…P.W. 1/7/97

…I use it for cleaning guitars in my shop…J.C. 2/5/97

…Kramer's Best Antique Improver is the best product I have ever found to use in restoring a finish and very easy to use. Thank you for such a fine product…C.B., 4/10/97

…I recently tried your Kramer's Best Antique Improver. It does all it promises and I wonder if you have a catalog …D.R. 5/19/97

…Your Antique Improver is great! I left a window open and my great grandmother's jelly cupboard was rained on leaving horrible white water marks all over it. A dealer told me Antique Improver was good but even he was dubious when I explained what happened. I tried it today and the jelly cupboard looks wonderful -–better than ever. You saved me the cost of having it refinished…K.G. 8/24/97

…I have just used up my bottle of your polish. I had a bad water spot on my furniture. I used your Antique Improver and very fine steel wool and I'm happy to say the spot came off, so I did many more pieces of furniture. I would like to order 2 or 3 bottles…C.K. 9/5/97

…These are your old prices as per enclosed card. It's amazing that you were able to hold the price line on your excellent products for so long. We swear by them!…W.N. 6/14/97

…I can't tell you how pleased I am! My cabinet is beautiful and it was so easy--scrub it on with fine steel wool and wipe it off—just like you said. I plan to tell everyone who admires my cabinet about your Antique Improver! I love it and won't ever use anything else…B.S. 7/5/98

…Your product is "wun der bar"!…E.O. 8/23/98

…You have a great product—I have several projects on hold because I ran out. Thanks in advance…J.S. 3/24/96

…I just love your product! Especially on my old tin collection…K.S

…I have been using your products for over a year and find them to be all they claim to be. The Clarifier has "saved my life" on 2 or 3 pieces. Have potential customers waiting who have seen what your products can do…D.D.

…Please send brochure and price list. We purchased it at a Flea Market in Kansas City and it works good…J.H.V. 11/25/91

…I have used it all and very pleased with the results…R.McC. 12/4/95

…We use your food Oyl on a butcher block counter top and really like it…Please send us a brochure so we can order more…F.B. 11/19/90

…We've really used your Kramer's Antique Improver. It's great stuff…L.W. 9/16/91

…I think Kramer's Best is fantastic. Please send me information necessary to become a representative for your company in the San Antonio area…L.T.

…A customer of ours has introduced us to your "Antique Improver product". We were very impressed, also we work on a lot of antique furniture…S.U. 12/1/94

…I am in dire need of a refill of your excellent product…P.W.B. 10/23/95

…My wife thinks that it is the greatest thing since night baseball. We are about out so I am writing you as a request for another quart of your best. Again, great stuff…R.H.M. 3/7/95

…I bought your Antique Improver and I'm really impressed. I am in the process of starting my own cleaning business. I would like to ask your permission to use your products and if I could buy wholesale…C.T. 6/24/95

…Have used it, love it—we're moving and am giving the little I have left to my daughter. Therefore I need more. Please send me an order form or whatever is necessary in order for one to purchase more. Have asked antique dealers and most haven't heard of it or used it. I think it's great…N.C.S.

…I am down to my last drops of Antique Improver. If you could send the largest size…S.G.P.5/30/95

…I have tried your product from a friend and liked it but haven't been able to locate it in our area…P.McD.5/4/96

…I am told it is the perfect thing to use to clean several antique oak chairs…M.M. 11/21/94

…While attending the National Trappers Convention in Little Rock last weekend we met a fine knifemaker…who used your products and highly recommends them…S.S. 8/22/90

…Your furniture polish has been highly recommended to me…M.S. 4/19/91

…People in Kansas City highly recommend your products…P.V. 2/26/91

…My friend is impressed with your "Antique Improver"…G.V. 10/22/90

…A wood working friend of mine told me of your product called Antique Improver…D.B.LeF. 12/28/91

…I wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful product, Antique Improver. I was introduced to it at least 6 yrs. ago by my mother who bought a bottle at the Springfield, Mass., exposition. I have been using your product ever since. I am a "small time" refinisher who simply enjoys the look and feel of beautiful wood. I have refinished numerous antiques bought inexpensively at "yard sales" and have transformed them back to their original beauty. Your product has made all the difference! Once again I thank you & please don't stop making your product…L.B. 9/29/95

…Your Antique Improver is wonderful! Please send 2 quarts…B.S. 7/17/96

…I've been refinishing furniture for over 10 years and your products…are the best I've found. I am also an antique dealer and furniture is my specialty. I have found your product to be the least "intrusive" of many because I love to leave as much of the old patina as possible….L.T.10/16/94

…I have had a number of requests for your furniture products. I would like to have one of your catalogs. Also could you make some type of an agreement with my company to be a Distributor of your products…V.L.H. 1/18/95

…This past year, I started using your Kramer's Antique Improver on furniture that I was restoring or refinishing. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical, but the more I used your product, I continued to gain more confidence in a guaranteed result. Regardless of the condition of wood I was applying it to, it would as though through magic, transform the most ordinary of wood into a work of art. When I now purchase a piece of furniture, I wonder what is hidden below the finish and can only imagine what affect Kramer'' will have on it. Aside from letting you know how much I'm sold on your product, I'd like to inquire about the possibility of becoming a representative or dealer for your product in Arizona. I would also like some more information on the Blemish Clarifier. If this product works half as well as the Antique Improver, I'll be sold on it! Thanks… S.J.K 12/29/95

…I had the opportunity to see your "Antique Improver" in action at Wiley Ranch where I was painting a mural. Please send me information on how I may purchase some of this. The results from your product are incredible… J.P. 1/6/95

…We continue to use your wonderful product on our wood furniture. There is nothing on the market half as good, especially for our mid-Victorian to 1920s pieces. We have used more than a gallon so far. I told my mother, who has a booth in the downtown Antique Mall in St. Joseph, & who has been collecting old furniture since 1928, about your Antique Improver. She tried it, & she is as enthusiastic about it as my wife & I are. My mother says that Antique Improver is by far the best product she has ever used. I wish that I live long enough to maintain half the furniture that she has!… W.H.W. 12/17/94

…Concerning Kramer's Best Antique Improver. It is the best. It is Great. Oh I have so many people impressed with the ease and results of the product. I am almost out and have others very interested in purchasing to try for themselves in their own home. I need an order form or list of sizes and prices… S.L.K. 4/20/95

…My husband and I were recently in Iowa and saw your product. He was so impressed he purchased several bottles. We have since tried it on some of our antique furniture. It is amazing. What a difference it made. It made believers out of us. When we were in Iowa we were approached about possibly selling Antique Improver in Colorado. Once we tried your product, I decided to try and sell it. Since I am an antique dealer with spaces in several antique malls, I thought it might be an easy way to start. Therefore, you will find enclosed… D.R.1/9/95

…Please tell me where to purchase your product Kramer's Best Antique Improver. I have used your product & find it exceptional on my antique furniture. Enclosed is a self-addressed envelope… M.C.D. 8/28/94

…Would you kindly mail me an order form so that I may purchase a supply of your Antique Improver for my home use. I purchased your product a few years ago when you were in Syracuse at the State Fairgrounds. What a beautiful job the Improver does on my antiques; especially my oak pieces. Brings out the beauty of every line and grain in the wood. I am pleased! Enclosed is my S.A.S.E…. G.B.

…My wife and I acquired your Antique Improver when we were on vacation in Branson, Mo. We love the product! We have a lot of antiques. The problem is we lost the original booklet and we can't reorder the product. I realized the address was on the bottle we have, so… S.J.P 11/30/94

…I would like to order another quart of your Kramer's Best. It was recommended to me by an acquaintance at an antique tool auction. I have found it to be one of the best cleaning agents around. Many of my tools cleaned up much better than hoped for. They have taken on the deep luster desired often lacking in older tools when stripped with other cleaners. Keep up the good work…. B.F. 9/21/95

…Just a note of "praise." I obtained this product (Kramer's) at a Ky. Flea Market. I'm very impressed. I have 4 hardrock maple kitchen chairs 40 yrs. old that have been in the family from the date of purchase. A family of 4, grandchildren (11) and now a family of 5. I was amongst all of the above. They are good sturdy chairs but were in need of help—I used 0000 fine steel wool and your product and within 3 hours these chairs are beautiful. In the midst of doing one of the chairs my sister-in-law called and I sold her on it so I'll be sending a reorder soon. I'm sure it's a great product and sells itself. I have many family & friends sure to be interested.S.K. 2/10/95

…We deal in Antiques & tools & came across your product in our travels. We can't purchase any in our area & wondered if we could purchase it direct from you. Please send us a price list for vendors… H.C. 3/22/93

…I was given a bottle of your Antique Improver and was very much impressed with the results! Would you please send me… J.C. 8/16/95

…We would like to become dealers for your fantastic products. We bought a bottle at the Topeka Flea Market and I've tried it on so many different things and been pleased with the results. Please send us… G.A. 2/5/92

…A neighbor gave me some of your refinisher to use on some antiques I keep for sale in my floral shop. I really liked your product. I am interested in possibly carrying it for customers to buy… C.B. 12/4/95

…Sometime ago we bought some of your Antique Improver. We used it to restore a buggy and it worked so great we would like to order more. My order form is several years old so would you send me a present order form. We purchased an 8-oz. Bottle before but want a lot larger size this time. We were able to save the original sides of a very old buggy because of your product. We are getting into this restoration work more now and plan on opening a shop for outside work soon… S.VS. 11/20/95

…While visiting my sister I was given a small jar of your "Kramer's Best Antique Improver" and having just made a move of 1000 miles found damage to my Grandfather wall clock which I treasure very much. I used your product and find it very much improved the finish as well as my sewing machine cabinet. I would be very interested in purchasing a bottle to have on hand… D.P.H. 3/16/95

…We have used your product on a number of wood items that we have restored. We currently purchase from Pam... We would like to start "giving" an 8-oz. Bottle of Antique Improver with the furniture that people purchase. This allows them to "maintain" the piece of furniture. We really do not intend to be in the business of selling your product, but have it available to maintain the work we have done. Can we purchase direct from you on a wholesale basis the 8 oz. Bottles?… S.W. 11/27/94

…Thank you for your time and attention. I received two of your brochures, copies that is, from my wife's cousin…I used approximately 4 to 5 oz. Of your Antique Improver on a 5 piece solid walnut bedroom set. It did a beautiful job. I am interested in your other products on a wholesale basis so that it is more cost/profit feasible. I clean many homes for customers who would appreciate their woods being properly treated… C.N. 4/23/90

…My father has used "Kramer Antique Improver" many times on many things. He loved it!!! He got it at a wood show a while ago. Well, I was down in our basement, his workshop. I was looking for some nails and a hammer, when the bottle was on his workbench, and I hit it by accident off the table. The bottle smashed on the floor. The liquid was all over the floor. When I told him, he was very sad, that he didn't have any more. So I had this great idea, that I would write to you and ask for a price list, for the "Kramers Antique Improver" so if it wasn't too expensive, I could get it for a surprise gift for Father's Day. So could you please send me… E.A.Brockman 6/13/90

…I missed your presence at the Syracuse Woodworkers Show. The main reason I go is to hear your talk. Please send me three of your catalogues. Two are for friends. My primary interest at this time is your wood finishing materials. I make quality turkey calls. The box portion is made of either walnut or cherry. From a discussion with your friend at the show who sells the special vises, your finishing materials should be very good and should make sanding between coats unnecessary, along with other advantages and would make a quality finish… L.H.W. 11/25/91

…Please send me your brochure for your product Kramer's Antique Improver. I have heard how well it works on wood furniture and would like to know how I might be able to get a bottle… R.E.B. 3/27/95

…This is great stuff! (Have not tried Wood Food Oyl yet.)… G.N. 5/14/96

…I purchased a bottle of your Antique Improver at an antique fair in Oklahoma City about 6 months ago and I love it. Please send me your current price list for more. I'm reading on the side of the bottle about a free 16 page book of instructions and suggested uses… W.S. 4/12/95

…We are in three Antique Malls and would like information on becoming a dealer for your products. I don't believe there is a dealer in our vicinity… J.E.H. 4/5/95

…I have recently heard of your product, Antique Improver, from one of my customers. I would appreciate if you would send me information… R.T.B. 12/10/91

…Please send an order form & brochures. I have heard only good things about your products and I'm anxious to try them… G.S. 1/8/91

…Please send me any information available on: "Antique Improver". I am very interested in trying it—a friend here in Waterville gave us your name and address—he showed us the results on some of his anituques—just beautiful!!… N.McG. 5/30/95

…I would like to order "Kramer's Best 2 Step Antique Improver". My dad let me use some and it works great. Now I have a large project… B.J. 6/5/95

…I'm not normally so enthusiastic, but I love the Improver & the Oyl. I've used the Improver on my Willet cherry furniture, my antique walnut armoir, hardwood floors, exterior of the fridge & wall oven, kitchen cabinets, etc. (However it does take my nail polish off!) My violin is next! And sooo easy to use—much more so than…which I've used for years. I took a complimentary bottle to the desk at the mall next day as is suggested… C.S.

…I am interested in purchasing some of your 2-Step Kramer preservant protector. I have used it through a friend & I'm very happy with the results. Please send… R.W. 2/21/92

…I purchased your Antique Improver while I was in Missouri and really like it… J.B. 3/7/95

…I would like to order some more of your wonderful product—Kramer's Antique Improver…Please send some information… D.L. 2/20/92

…Would you please send me a qt. of Antique Improver called Wood Feeder. My friend in Oregon told me there was nothing like it… C.J.A. 8/10/94

…I bought some of your Antique Improver from an antique shop in Ottawa, Kansas. I like it very much and am nearly out of it… S.B. 9/6/94

…Last year, I bought some museum wax from you at Bingham Wagner. Since it was an unknown I only bought a very small bottle. We would like to purchase more… J.A.W. 3/22/91

…My nephew…gave me a bottle of your "Improver" & helped me put it on the burled walnut secretary (English?) that had been faded by afternoon sun—it was a wonderful help!! I'm now enamored of your product & got from Al several bottles that I gave as Xmas presents, which were gratefully received! Thank you so much for your wonderful bottles—my antiques thank you too… A.S. 9/25/00

…I have used this product over the years on our antique walnut and oak furniture. The results have always exceeded my expectations!! We recently had a new patio installed. This brought the condition of the baked enamel surface of our Pella sliding glass door to my attention. The door is approximately fifteen years old. I had done nothing to protect the metal surface over the years and, needless to say, it had become rather dingy. I contacted the Pella people and was told to use 409 to clean the surface and then apply Turtle Wax. I tried this and the condition of the surface showed no improvement. Out of desperation I decided to try your Antique Improver on the door. The results were amazing. I used two applications, which amounted to rubbing the solution on, letting it set for a few minutes and then wiping it off with a clean soft cloth. After finishing this project my wife's comment was "It looks like new". I also used your product on our front door, which is made by Larson and has the same baked enamel finish. The result was even better than the Pella door, as the Larson door is approximately six years newer and in better condition. I just wanted to let you know how effective your product was in resolving our problem… R.W.H. 6/13/00

…I called you a month ago looking for oil for our kitchen table which we refinished. We found the Antique Improver and it did a marvelous job! It looks even better than the original finish. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your instruction book. It gives so much helpful information. You did a great job…M.T. 3/22/00

…What a wonderful product you have. The Antique Improver we bought in Arkansas is just wonderful. I am hoping I can get more. Do you mail direct. Is it in any stores in Arizona?…P.W. 5/5/00

…Is there any place in the Pittsburgh area I could purchase your Best Antique Improver. I received a small bottle as a gift and was very pleased with the results…Thanks a great deal, it's a fine product…B.G.S. 4/21/00

…Received my order today as per your prediction. Congratulations on a great product and also for being smart enough to package it for the mail in such a great way. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future…D.H. 1/19/00

…Besides enjoying our phone call back in March, I located, purchased and have begun using your "Antique Improver' on all my powderhorn butts…the results have my clients RAVING! I am so impressed with what it does to freshly stained wood I cannot even begin to tell you. Now I have a project on my hands I do not know how to handle. My daughter bought an old house. It has SOLID BIRCH cabinets in the kitchen. They were last varnished in 1951 and look terrible. I steel wooled off one of the drawer faces to get the scale off and rubbed a DAB of the Improver into the grain. She is now going ballistic over the GRAIN that has jumped out… M.T.

…Do you still make the Kramer's Antique Improver I bought at a woodworking show several years ago? It is such a great product and I will be I need of more soon…. D.H. 6/22/99

…Thanks for honoring the 1992 prices! Your product is a true treasure!… L.K. 12/29/99

…Please send me info…It works wonderfully on furniture! My bottle has lasted several years…D.F. 4/5/99

…We are using your product at the Truman Museum and it is just great! This will be for use in our home… E.R. 6/30/99

…I love your Antique Improver. I have used it on furniture I was sure had no hope but to be totally stripped and refinished and was pleased to see it work miracles. I recently acquired a 130 year old pump organ that had been sadly neglected and used on it all of what I had left of the Antique Improver. It is amazing how wonderfully it restored the wood to a beautiful finish. As I said I used the last of what I had and need to get more… B.N. 6/18/99

…My neighbor lady and I have both used it and we like it and each want to buy more… M.L.W. 3/25/99

…Your furniture polish is the best I've ever used. Thanks for making such a quality product… T.W. 6/30/99

…I have a friend that lives in Nashville & she uses your "Kramer Best Antique Improver" & thinks it is the best thing that has happened to her antiques…I have a house full of antiques that need help!… L.P.H. 7/2/99

…I've had great success with your product on my guns, especially an antique Kentucky rifle. It really brought out the beauty of the maple… C.A. 8/16/00

…I bought it 2 years ago either in Branson, Missouri or someplace in Virginia and can't remember where but I do know I really love what it does on certain pieces of furniture… T.S. 10/29/00

…Your product is just GREAT. We are previous customers and the product does just what you say… S.R. 10/31/00

…I have used this product for several years and do like it very much. The problem is that I'm finally about out… D.R.M. 11/5/00

…Purchased 'Kramer's Best Antique Remover' at a Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. Tried and really enjoyed the results. Keep up the good reputation of your products… 11/13/00

…I love this JKAI. I purchased a bottle on vacation. Now I need to know where I can purchase this in my area… D.C. 12/28/00

…My name is…I am the asst. mgr. (antique mall) who mails your checks. I just wanted to tell you I love your product & tell dealers & customers to buy it all the time. Thanks for a great product!…G. 11/6/00

…I just finished an antique clock with your "magic" oil—it is just beautiful… L.J. McC 10/6/00

(excerpt from an e-mail forwarded to us by a customer)…I initially clean my dirty woodies with Simple Green, wiping off quickly. When completely dry, I apply Kramer's Best Antique Improver. It's a non-petroleum propriety blend which works great. Just wipe it on liberally, let it sit for about a minute and then wipe off the residual. It also works great on putting the luster back on japanning. Unfortunately, it is not sold in stores so I finally just became a dealer to ensure I had a steady supply around. I probably go through a bottle a month… J.S. 7/13/00

…About 6-8 years ago, I bought some Kramer's Antique Improver at a woodworking show. I used the product to clean and "feed" the original oak woodwork in my 1883 home. Worked great. Now I'm out… A.L. 10/10/00

(excerpt from a web forum forwarded to us by a customer)…I bought a bottle because I had a couple of pieces of antique furniture that had some damage to the finish that I thought it would help to correct. Lo and behold, it did better than I ever expected, and I decided to give it a try on something that needed more help…I'm sold on the stuff…My stock had some dings and scratches in it from prolonged dragging through thick southern forests. Not bad, but I knew where they were, so I decided to sand the finish enough to smooth them out. All I really did was to take some 120 grit and sand lightly to remove the old sealer and the scratches, then with 240 grit to get a real nice and slick finish. I don't guess I spent an hour total time sanding and smoothing…I didn't even put any stain or anything on the stock. I just went over it several times with the Kramer's. He recommends letting the finish cure for 24 hours before applying another coat, and I followed his instructions. If you can hold sandpaper and read, you can reproduce the finish I got…I don't have any connection with Kramer's other than as a satisfied customer. Your mileage may vary, but I'm happy with my experience with the stuff… C. 1/4/00

…We love this product! If you ever need an endorsement, let me know. We've never used anything else since we found Kramer's… S. & J. H. 10/05/00

…Love that stuff! Zowie I should be a distributor. Know tons of people & I'm an antique junker. You are having too much fun… K. 11/2/00

…My new-best-friend-Kramer: Now that you can restore furniture you need to invent something to restore us old ladies. If you can do for me what you can do for my coffee table, you'll be everybody's best friend… L. DV. 12/10/02

…I'm sure you've heard its equivalent before, but your "stuff" is TRULY a fantastic concoction of restorative attributes! Many THANKS…L.T. 3/3/03

…Your product is amazing! I picked up a small bottle at an antique store to try. I have hard wood floors in my home that is almost 40 years old and they look brand new. The small bottle was enough to do one room-now its time to do the rest of the house….11/14/02

(excerpt from a message-board entry on a Civil War site)…In the past couple of years I have used "Kramer's Best Antique Improver" for both my original and reproduction gun finishes. Kramer's developed by a black powder shooter who is also a professional antique furniture restorer, is an oil finish plus, and it is great…J.B. 11/7/01

…I have used your product in refinishing projects and I love it…B.P. 11/21/02

…I tried some of your Improver on some bleached out cedar I had. It brought it back to a beautiful like new color. It works great!…M.H.

…Your Antique Improver is working out nicely on my wife's saddle stand. I even put a little on an old white pine bookcase that I had never finished, and I have to say the pine is probably even nicer to look at than the oak at this point!…M.C. 2/27/03

…I've tried it on two pieces. My wife wasn't sure, but when I completed the china cabinet and the medicine cabinet in our bath she was happy!! Me too. I will be ordering another 8 ounces in the next few days. Nice product Mr. Kramer…G.R. 3/4/03

…Received the furniture polish today. I am an upholsterer and it just so happened that I have a very antique sofa in right now and the customer had ask me to clean the wood as best as I could. Your furniture polish works absolutely great. I kept going back to look to see if it had dulled as most do but it kept the shine. Finally, something that actually works…R. 3/5/03

…Your oil was the thing that saved my furniture after the flood. Bought a colonial mahogany bed - cover w/black - mold? Or ick - & poured oil & used a fabric scrubber to remove what came off & it is wonderful! A surprise to friends that thought I was crazy to buy it…M.J. 3/10/03

…I used it for the first time on a depression era buffet and china closet. I could not believe what a fabulous job it did! Do you sell wholesale to vendors?…M.H. 11/7/02

…We really love the Antique Improver. We use it on almost everything…We use it on our hard wood floor. It seems to make a scratch disappear or blend in. We always polish our antique furniture with it. The more you use the more uses you find for it…R.S.4/1/02

[excerpt from a message-board entry on a restoration site]…I have used it for about 9 years. It is unlike anything else I have come across…I have spoken to Mr. Kramer and feel that he is very well educated and informed as to the differences between conservation, restoration and refinishing. I think his product is meant to address all those areas. I wish I knew more about what his product did (that's the chemist/conservator in me), but I respect his desire to protect his investment. I'm sure he would answer questions about the products suitability for a particular instance…M.

…May your product be used as a church circle fund-raiser?…My husband and I are using it on an old oak teacher's chair, and after just one application - it looks 500% better! Many people in my church could benefit from using this product…J.F. 6/30/02

…Could you please send me 1 instruction book for each bottle. This order is for some other people to try…M.B. 7/25/02

…A friend gave me a bottle of Kramer's Antique Improver to use on a small room in my home. It is amazing & now I would like to refinish all the wood floors…L.O'B. 3/16/02

…I'm sure you've heard it all before, but this stuff is tremendous. I am not easily impressed but I can't believe the wonderful results with such little effort. While vacationing in NC several weeks ago, I bought a pint bottle to use on an old sewing machine cabinet. Incredible. I have used every last drop so will be ordering more tomorrow. I'm ready to attack all of my wood pieces throughout the house…P.K. 8/10/02

…I purchased a small bottle of your Antique Improver at an antique store while I was traveling through Indiana and Ohio about 5 years ago. I have used it on an antique table, desk and other furniture and can't recommend it highly enough. My desk suffered some water stains during a move and your product has worked wonders on it…L.G. 10/9/02

…I have told you before about what an incredible product you have. I use it mostly on old tools and VERY old furniture. IT WORKS…A.B. 10/12/02

…Recently when visiting my son's family in Illinois, my daughter-in-law showed me how beautifully she had restored an old bedroom set that my parents had given them many years ago…M.L. 10/22/02

…Was told about your product by an antique dealer. I think it's great!…T.DeP. 10/23/02

…Over 30 years ago I purchased Ethan Allen Old Tavern, distressed, dark colored pine furniture along with their polish. My generation "polished" furniture on a weekly basis. Over the years the polish build up had ruined the wood. While at Truman Corners Antique Mall, I saw your display and watched the video. I bought the "Improver" and pamphlet and tried to work on a table. After reading the pamphlet, I knew I needed "Clarifier" too, and purchased 3 bottles. The work WAS slow but with each application and 0000 steel wool, I was able to see 30 years of polish and dirt disappear. It has taken a month of intermittent work, but I am done with this one table and I am happy to report the wood is as it was when it was brand new! When I retired last September I had no idea I would be in the "refinishing" business, but I have 4 more tables plus a large trestle table AND a bedroom set to do!! Your products are wonderful and I hope you never quit making them…J.McG. 9/10/01

…We just bought a (to die for beautiful) complete dining room set that was made for the Gov. of Wisc. In the late 1880's. It has not been used since the 1920's, in mint condition, except in desperate need of Improver. It has absorbed nearly half a quart already, and I've barely started. I have used your product for (at least 15 years, probably closer to 20). Thank you… (message with order) G.A.K., 5/12/04


…I finished the floor yesterday. It looks great! The entire house smells better to me too, I really like the fragrance of the wood that the Improver seems to bring out…I love this stuff!…(E-mail) KB, 4/30/04

…I used a quart of your product on my hard wood floors last month. I followed your detailed directions carefully and I was amazed with the results. My friends and family noticed how wonderful my hard woods look now!! Your product is easy to use and the results are fantastic!! Thank you!…(message with order) D.T.M., 8/6/04

…I will be so pleased to have this again, as it works like nothing else I have tried…(message with order) JAW, 9/18/03

…Well my goodness, I just can't really find the words I want to use for how I really feel about your product. I was so amazed at how wonderful it works I just couldn't believe it. I find myself stopping and staring at my old buffet table over and over thinking man I just can't believe it, it looks like new, but I see the little cheaped spots that make it unique. I am ordering me a very large bottle. I keep saying to myself that Lord I hope he doesn't stop making this. Well thanks again for your wonderful product…(E-mail) T.P, 10/19/03

…I will be using it to restore 80 year old wood trim, paneling, etc. It is remarkable and I have already told 2 local stores they should move to become a distributor for you in Knoxville…(message with order) J.D., 11/7/03

…A friend let me borrow some to clean an antique dresser and I was amazed at how well it did…(message with order) K.R., 11/11/03

My hairdresser shared some of the product with me and I was very much impressed with the results it gave in restoring an antique buffet I had just purchased. No refinishing was necessary after using your product…(message with order) M.F., 11/19/03

The Antique Improver is a great product. My wife and I bought the small bottle on a trip to south central Texas, Hill country. We bought it for use on some antique furniture in our Bed and Breakfast. This week I was cleaning up getting ready for the folks Thanksgiving visit from SW Missouri and I tried it on a door with scratch marks and some molding up the stairs where shoes have left marks. Anyway, it looks great. I am now using it on our bathroom cabinets. They now look new. When it drys it has a nice satin finish. I need some more…(E-mail) M.R.C., 11/25/03

…We were down to just a few drops and made them last a while and now we're just out and really need a new bottle. Thanks for making such a wonderful product! We love it! (message with order) R.B., 12/3/03

…As someone who has had a life-long love of old Victorian wall shelves, corner shelves, and hanging cabinets, I've used a LOT of wood products. I mean, a WHOLE LOT of products! Your 'Improver' is the first product I have ever used that does exactly what it says it will do. It feeds the wood, cleans it and gives it back the 'look' it was meant to have all in one action. I couldn't be more pleased than I am with this product! It is easy to use and makes my shelves look better than they've ever looked before! I'm just astounded! Good bye paint remover, good bye 'finish restorer', good bye Tung oil. None of these products can hold a candle to Kramer's Best Antique Improver. I'm sold on this product and will recommend it to everyone I know! Many thanks for inventing this stuff. We need to get the word out!… (E-mail) N.O., 1/23/04

…my building leaked on the table that I had stripped and put one coat of Kramer's on. I thought the table was history, but the water did not get through the Kramer finish. I also use this product on cast iron to keep it from rusting…J.J., 11/7/04

…I just used it on an old English chest and achieved exactly the effect I have been trying for for many years…J.L.H., 10/16/04

…I have been using Kramer's for over 10 years and have found it to be the best product for cleaning, restoring and improving the appearance of "old" wood…We use Kramer's on a wide range of "things" and the results are uniformly superb. The ability of your product to remove the gunk and leave the patina is terrific. We have a few English furniture pieces that go back as far as George III (late 18th century). Kramer's brings the wood back to life. I hunt yard sales for old tools, particularly wooden planes and levels—Kramer's has taken some tools that were covered in dirt and brought back the appearance. The tools seem to glow…A.B., 2/14/04

…Antique Improver is the absolute best furniture cleaner and restorer I have ever used in over 30 years of caring for my personal furniture…D.A., 10/3/04

…My piano tuner told me about your product…J.B., 10/7/04

…I first discovered your product when I was given an 8-ounce bottle by my daughter about 10 years ago. I have been using it ever since and swear by it…H.K., 10/24/04

…I used it as a final finish on a walnut endtable. Very happy results…M.J.G., 8/1/04

…A friend of mine I work with has a lot of antiques and said it was wonderful. He then gave me about 3 ounces and I used it and agree with him. So I got some for me, my aunt, and girlfriend…R.C.D., 3/9/04

…I love it. I can't afford to have all of my vintage pieces refinished and don't care for the look of it anyway. Kramer's is fun to use! I was using it on EVERYTHING wood in the house just to see what it would do…B.W., 9/16/04

…I look forward to selling your Antique Improver. I have been using it for about a year, and think it is a little miracle in a bottle!…M.B., 9/3/04

…I used this on a Civil War era musket with marvelous results. I am now about to use it to finish a Hopkins and Allen underhammer rifle kit after staining. I recommend this stuff to anyone who will listen…D.K., 2/13/04

…I used it on my cabinets in a used home and loved it. I have since ordered it from you by mail and used it on my cabinets here in Mesa. I love it!…10/6/04

…It's the best wood finisher/restorer I have ever used, I will not use anything else!…M.S., 10/6/04

…It has worked miracles on furniture that I was ready to throw away!…M.W., 10/7/04

…We found out about you from a friend who rediscovered her beautiful front door after applying your product…M.J., 11/15/04

…I was contemplating having my kitchen cabinets re-finished until my neighbor told me to try this first. He let me borrow theirs to try it out and I loved it. My cabinets look brand new again. I'm amazed how good they look and the effort that went into applying it was minimal. Thanks so much!!!…D.Y., 11/15/04

…My cousin uses your products and showed me before/after photos of pieces that she had treated. I can’t wait to try it!…SAK, 12/7/04

…a friend gave us a qt. of your Antique Improver and it is the best cleaner for antiques furniture we ever used….GJK, 5/22/05

…Might as well get the gallon, we have been using it and loving it for years now…EC, 7/30/05

…I tried it on some cherry and curly maple bedroom furniture that had long since lost its finish and was exposed to sun and light. I applied a year ago and the furniture looks awesome!! Such an easy product to use with terrific results! I highly recommend!!…CA, 1/28/06

…thank you for creating such a great product and even if the price goes up, I will still be a customer because it is worth the money and a bottle goes a long way….MKF, 1/30/06

…I can’t believe this product! I just want to put it on all my stuff!!…2/1/06

…My business partner and I call ourselves furniture resurrectors. We have used your products on many of the items we have brought back from the fate of neglect or destined for the dumpster. What beauty to see the soft gleam of the wood and the definition of the grain after "Kramerizing""each piece. I am a believer!…TL, 1/7/05

…I am a sorority house director on…campus. The property I manage is over 17,000 sq. feet and serves as a home away from home for 173 young ladies (to whom I am Mom). Kramer’s helps to keep our home atmosphere rich with warm woods…and due to the heavy use our furniture receives from 340 hands everyday…Kramer’s is an essential part of the process to preserving our furniture….JT, 12/28/04

…I tried it on a 1920’s dining room table that had numerous scratches and a cloudy film from numerous dustings with…I was not expecting a miracle, actually I figured it would not make a huge difference in the look of the table. I was wrong. The table looks beautiful, incredible actually. You can’t see any scratches or nicks. Everyone in my family is amazed at the difference. This week I have used an entire bottle on all of my antique and vintage wooden furniture. Thank you for saving my deceased grandmother’s dining room table! It’s nice to know that there is at least one person out there who’s claim is actually true….TC, 3/19/05

…I have never found anything better to help old tired wood furniture and doors look like new again…MEH, 3/29/05

…My carpenter fixed an antique wooden desk of mine, and used your product on it. I love what it did for the wood…NC, 4/1/05

…My neighbor who has done a total renovation of circa 1920 home swears by your product!…PH, 5/11/05

…I have been doing furniture restorations and refinishing for 39 years. I have found Kramer’s Improver unmatched in what it does for bringing back antique furniture’s original patina….MW, 6/2/05

…I love this product. It is foolproof, easy and the results are fantastic…MB, 6/4/05

…My husband and I are restoring a 125-year-old home loaded with miles of natural wood trim. I have been searching for a product to use on our wood for quite some time. I am allergic to other wood products…I have been able to use it liberally without any adverse reactions…GS, 6/19/05

…your product works beautifully on my teak deck of my sail boat, a 1973 Cheoy Lee 28’ Off Shore…PJ, 6/29/05

…The bedroom set was purchased in 1949. It survived 3 kids and several moves with lots of scratches and nicks. I thought I would have to have it refinished. I used this product on it the first day I received it. I was kind of disappointed because it did not give me the results I had expected. I waited 24 hours and tried it again. I thought I had done something wrong the first time. This time I rubbed the cloth with the liquid back and forth like I was waxing it until the liquid disappeared into the wood, then I wiped it dry. The results were much better. I got the hazy results which I had read about then I applied it again. The beautiful shiny finish came out on the 4th application of the Improver. It looks like new furniture, like it must have looked back in 1949, 56 years ago. Thanks for such a wonderful product…JF, 7/11/05

…used it only an hour ago on a 65-yr-old floor that had seen better days. I didn’t want the mess of sanding/refinishing and couldn’t justify the expense. I am totally amazed at the results in only a few minutes. I had to stop to place my order and brag on the quality and effectiveness! It’s simply a miracle – saved me countless hours of work, money, and time – which we all have limited amounts of. You are a genius – and for those that own older homes like I do – and bought them as fixer-uppers, this is the ideal product. I also used it on one cabinet door and drawer in my kitchen. I’m beyond words at the fantastic results…PAF, 7/17/05

…My sister…shared it with me to help clean up my father-in-law’s house which hadn’t been cleaned in about six years. It worked great, and we discovered that we had some beautiful pieces of furniture under the dirt…STS, 7/18/05

…I applied it on a Philco table radio several years ago and it still looks magnificent!…SB, 8/11/05

…I keep finding new uses for it. I really like what it does with old iron…MF, 7/1/04

…I was going to replace some luan doors in my house that are over 25 years old. Your product cleaned them up and they look almost as good as new. Saved me replacement costs…KL, 6/30/04

…used it to clean up an old treadle sewing machine. I had no sooner finished with it when someone offered to buy it from me on the spot. This is amazing stuff!…PM, 6/24/04

…My 82-year-young mother acquired an oak kitchen cabinet and library table that had belonged to her grandmother. Wanting to clean it up and not cause harm to the oak she was asking local, in-the-know people what they thought she should use. The local banker not only recommended your product but actually brought over his bottle for her to try. In turn she let me try it on some of my antiques in a few spots. We were both very pleased with the results. We will now be anxiously awaiting the arrival of our own "bottle of magic’…BR, 7/11/04

…saw my uncle "restore" the finish on a bad area of a hardwood floor with this product. It was amazing…ER, 7/13/04

…The wood just drinks it in and looks rich and beautiful…MG, 7/18/04

…my sister…let me use your product on a badly damaged table. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what it did to the stains and marks. ..PAS, 7/19/04

…My floors look absolutely beautiful! I did my front door this weekend. The previous owners took it from their grandmother’s house. It was very old and had not been protected from the elements. It looks brand new! I have a ton of people coming over this weekend to look…DB, 1/20/04

…Over 10 years ago, purchased a bottle of Improver at an antique store… Loved it so much I ordered it by the gallon to do all my old wood floors…KM, 8/25/05

…A friend gave my son a sample to use on a piece of old furniture he bought at an auction. It worked wonders…JH, 6/25/05

…I swear by your products and especially love the Wood Food Oyl for my treenware!…RH, 8/25/05

…I love your product – it has done wonders on my kitchen cabinets and my bathroom especially. When I moved to my home it had been a rental for a couple of years. There were white drip stains on the front of one drawer in the bathroom that looked like it was toothpaste. I thought for sure I would have to strip and refinish the whole cabinet. I used Kramers and boy, what a difference – it evened out the color and eliminated those white drips – now all my cabinets look rich with the wood grain shining through like it was meant to do…GH, 9/19/05

…I hated my 23 years old kitchen cabinets…But now I love them! Wonderful product…PDG, 9/23/05

…We have honey oak furniture we brouht back from Germany and after 37 yrs. it was looking dried out and dull. I bought your product in an antique store and loved it…11/3/05

…I found it in an antique shop near Denver a couple of years ago and am now using it to "save" wood furniture damaged by hurricane Katrina…11/28/05

…My boss gave me about half of an 8 oz. bottle to try on the wood shafts of my old golf clubs. Did a great job, so I now use it on everything…T, 12/6/05

…I’m a restorer of antique tools. Have been using your product for years and wouldn’t use any other…HK, 12/9/05

…My luthier gave me a small amount to dress my string bass violin…TA, 7/11/04

…using it frequently on an old antique piano. It is the only product that took away the milky, dull finish…VH, 2/16/05

…I know you know it, but you have a great product. I am doing my antiques out of the house right now, but we are working on getting the shop ready to open soon. I will be getting set up as a dealer then…JG, 2/23/05

..I love this stuff! I’ve worked with antique furniture for 35 years, and this is the best product I’ve ever used…EKT, 1/9/06

…My wife saw the results on my antique gun stocks; now I have to do all the furniture in the house! Found it by accident on the web, thought it was too good to be true (like most stuff out there), bought it out of curiosity, and, boy was I surprised. It made an old, beaten up, soaked in blech, Winchester Hotchkiss stock look fantastic!…EB, 1/12/06

…I saw you at a show in Harrisburg, PA in 1989. I wrote you a letter, an excerpt of which is found in your customer letters. I’ve been using Kramer’s regularly ever since. I ran out today and was thrilled to find you on the web. None of the woodworking stores around here carry you anymore – to their shame…JSM, 1/12/06

…We love your product. It’s the best finish and treatment for our spinning wheels we have ever used…SP, 3/1/05

…Your Blemish Clarifier and Antique Improver are absolutely incredible products! The Clarifier is working miracles on removing ALL the years of grease, oil, wax and grime on a large 75 year old dining room set. Three people and myself first began this product with steel wool, toothbrushes, rags and paint thinner. After 3 6-hour days of a LOT of work, we finished most of the pieces and they looked pretty good. Then by luck someone raved about your product, so I thought I would give it a try. None of us thought it would do much better. Were we wrong! Not only does it work fast (what we accomplished in 3 days of intense labor would have taken us less than a day with your Clarifier!!) but it cleaned even better and with a lot less effort. We went over what we already did and it removed even more dirt and the finish was incredibly improved. It even easily removed all the black gunk from all the little nooks and crannies, ridges, etc. And on the pieces we hadn’t even started your Clarifier worked equally well. Then finishing it off with the Improver gives it an incredibly lustrous and super smooth surface. I only wish I had found your products a few days earlier! Thanks for a truly miraculous product!…NJP, 11/12/05

…My bottle of Kramer’s was a gift. I wasn’t sure what to think until I began to use it. Cautiously I applied it to some of my older furniture, and soon began to use it on my handed down family heirlooms. The difference was astounding. Upon visiting from out-of-state, my parents – who had reluctantly passed on the heirlooms – immediately noticed and asked how much time and money I had spent having the furniture restored! Thank you for guaranteeing that my daughter will inherit our family’s legacy in wonderful condition…

… About 2 years ago we remodeled our kitchen from the 70’s look to the more modern look. Among our changes were our cabinets. We put in all new hickory cabinets at a cost of $9000.00. About 2 weeks after installation I noticed the finish was flaking off leaving white streaks all over the wood. The cabinets had a natural finish so I knew the contractor had not let the cabinets dry between coats of finish. Of course my cabinets were the only ones that had ever done this, nevertheless I was devastated the cabinets looked horrible, but the contractor said he would take care of them, which he never did. I am a Christian and didn’t want to sue him so I decided to refinish them myself since I did some woodworking and had a woodshop necessary for the task. One day my wife and I went to an antique mall … and there was an advertisement on a continuous VCR so I told my wife we ought to get some even though we knew it would be a waste of $13.00. Well, let me tell you something, when I put that stuff on my cabinets, I was so overwhelmed with happiness that my wife came running in the kitchen to see if I had fallen. After putting the Antique Improver on our cabinets they looked better than they did when they were first installed. I have shown the results to a lot of people and have given most of my Antique Improver away…I am going to call in an order for more Antique Improver and Blemish Clarifier because your product does exactly what it says it will do. It saved me a bundle of hard work and time. I forgot to tell you I tried, unsuccessfully, other products that did not do as they said they would. Anyway, I don't want to bore you, I just want you to know you have a great product and should be advertised more so the public wouldn’t be scammed by other products that couldn’t hold a candlestick to yours…JPZ

…I recently got a beautiful 250 year old string bass – when I asked the previous owner what he used on the instrument, he told me of your wonderful product. Thank you!!…JR, 1/16/05

…first saw other antique dealers using the product and tried it myself and was very satisfied with it, so I have been a customer for many years now…CMN, 3/19/06

…after a number of years of using your products in the restoration of old string instruments and other antiques made of wood, I have concluded that there is simply no substitute for either your Clarifier or Improver. They are the best at what they do, bar none…NP, 3/3/06

…I think this product is wonderful! I have a 1895 Marlin rifle that was looking dry and dull. Almost driftwood looking. After one application of Kramer’s Antique Improver, it now is a healthy looking walnut stock, with the character that only a hundred years of loving care can add. So I figured I’d use it on my 1950 Winchester Model 70 rifle that needed it’s annual stock attention; now it looks like I put hours of care into it, after a few minutes of applying Kramers. Well, how about a 50 year old SKS carbine? Recently, after thoroughly scrubbing it clean of cosmoline, I was going to apply several coats of linseed or tung oil, but thought then decided to use Kramers again. I am so happy that I did so. A beautiful natural finish, without any sanding. By the way, I used Kramers on my old Marlin and the Winchester about a year ago and they both still look great. It’s totally baffling how it works so perfectly and effortlessly. Thanks and I’ll be ordering some more, that’s for sure!..RC, 3/17/06

…We received the "Improver" on Wednesday afternoon from the UPS guy. Thanks for the prompt delivery. It was also a very, very nice touch to have a little handwritten note in the box thanking us from yourself. The chairs on this "brand-new-used" dining set are a little worn and with just 3 applications of "Improver" there’s a marked difference in how well they look. The china cabinet, the table, and buffet, are all in pretty good condition but we put on an application anyway and their appearance improved dramatically as well. The set is from the 1930’s….The 78 speed record player with multiple applications is almost unrecognizable from when I got it last spring….It wasn’t in bad shape, just worn, "alligatored" a little and had lost the lustre….We’re hooked! We live in a house dating back to 1885. As you might imagine in an old house, there are coats and coats of paint on the wood trim, baseboards, etc. I’ve been in the process of stripping this wood for a couple of years. I have been getting it down to bare wood, staining, adding a light coat of polyurethane. Now, with this "Improver", I’ll probably never buy a can of poly again. I may not even stain, just your products! If stripping all this wood wasn’t so much work, I’d consider doing what I have gotten done over again, but I have a lot of wood still to strip. The newly stripped wood will have "Improver"…R&R W, 3/11/06

…A friend gave me some to try and I was amazed at what I could do with your product. I do a lot of antique repairs on pieces in very poor condition which everyone else has given up on. I find your product helps me get the finishes all blended together…JWM, 3/22/06

…We have an antique clothes press that must be about 100 years old. It was faded and looked sad.
After new hinges, repairing the damage, applying Antique Improver, the press looks 100% better. Have also used it on old tables that the finish had a faded look. It brought back the luster of the old finish…SR, 3/25/06

…Our one hundred year old historic home burned to the ground during renovation. I found your product invaluable in helping to reclaim the few antiques that we were able to remove. Thank you for your product…JY, 10/9/05

…I have already used it as a finish on my dining room set (pine) and 3 bedroom sets. I love it!…SV, 4/4/06

…I recently purchased a 1926 home and uncovered beautiful oak floors. However, there was a problem, my budget did not allow refinishing. So I took my Kramers and steel wool to the water spots and paint splatters from previous owners and wow what beautiful floors I now have. I did not have any dust, major expense or inconvenience of sanders and refinishers, instead I have floors that glow without any marks. Thank you so much, I love, love, love my floors and Kramers. I want to buy stock in your company because it is a Real Winner!!!!…JO, 4/15/06

…I’ve used it for years with great success! Whatever the price, it’s worth it – and I will keep right on using it as will our adult children. Thanks for creating this excellent product. No need to answer this. Just pat yourself on the back….J, 3/31/06

…I really, really, really like this stuff!!!…DB, 6/17/06

…have used it (very parsimoniously!) for many years and swear by it. It has done wonders with my nautical antiquities collection…DC, 6/27/06

…very pleased with difference it made on our wooden doors…SC, 7/4/06

…This is the most wonderful product! It has saved many pieces for me. I won’t use anything else now. Thank you!!!…TM, 2/12/06

…We live in an 1831 field stone house with wood finish throughout, it looks great after treating with Kramer’s….VRD, 2/26/06

…Wow! I have a Columbia Grafonola that was in good condition, just looked a little worn. I followed your directions, kept adding applications, and, man, what a difference! The player looks fabulous. It also still plays those great ol’ scratchy 78’s too…RW, 3/5/06

…I thought I would try it on some old gun stocks that I have. It worked wonders on them, and I have now used it on my kitchen cabinets, which were installed in 1988, and are made of Hickory. It did an outstanding job, and now I need to stock up so I can do more jobs that my wife will have me doing. I am so glad that I "took a chance" on your product. Thank you so much…EC, 3/10/06

…I can buy older wood items with confidence knowing they’ll clean up well at home because I have Kramer’s products!…SD, 3/13/06

…This stuff is the best I’ve ever used to clean gunstocks. Nothing else even comes close…BP, 2/8/06

…Your products are, by far, the best I have used. Since I was introduced to them by a master carpenter I have used them on a wide variety of items, from wood to metal. I am always amazed at the new life they give to old pieces…TL, 2/7/06

…I am restoring some antique furniture that was submerged in the floodwaters in New Orleans for 3 weeks. The dirty water wreaked havoc on the old oak furniture that belonged to my great-great grandmother. Yesterday I unwrapped an ornate carved oak mirror that is my favorite piece of the collection. It had water marks about half way up its four foot by three foot frame. Yesterday I disassembled it... the mirror glass is more than 3/8th of an inch thick! I then reglued it and today I went out with the Kramer’s. As the sooty black gunk came out of the crevices the original oak color started to come back. I am thrilled to report that not only does the damaged part look good... it looks as good as the dry section...that from Kramer’s alone….Please keep making Kramer’s…LF, 2/6/06

…Once again, thank you. Great stuff, I use it in my antique banjo repair and restoration sideline business/hobby….many of my friends now use your products, and each and every one thanked me for the reference, and probably thanked you!…NP, 7/26/06

…All of my furniture was damaged by Katrina. This product is restoring many of the pieces. Thanks so Much…DLN, 8/3/06

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