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On this page we have shared with you photos of 
the Kramer's Best staff, who make it possible for us to 
bring the products to you.  (And we have even included the 
Kramer "critters".)  There are also views from John's past 
and present outside interest — the mountains of the West.  
We hope you find these pictures of interest.

Yes, there really is a  John Kramer, and he really does wear that hat.  And he wears it a lot — in fact most of the time.  Even while at the barbeque grill.  Over the years "the hat"  has become John's trademark.   And no, it's not patterned after those worn by railroad men or painters.  It is a hand-made recreation  of an early 19th Century workman's cap.  It is very  traditional, and to John,  most important, it is  also very comfortable.

Marian Blades, shown here in our booth at a recent trade show, is in charge of sales and marketing of Kramer's Best.  Marian has been working with John and the products since the early years, and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience about their use.  She might be the one to answer the phone when you call to place an order, or to ask a question.  Or, you may run into her when she is doing a show, or setting up or stocking one of our mall booths — which might be in Florida or Arizona or one of many points in between where she spreads the word of Kramer's Best.  If you would like to  talk about setting up your own display of the products, or maximizing your sales as a dealer, she is the one to  talk to.  She has had lots of experience — with very satisfactory results.

David Kramer has been helping us out here at Kramer Products since his high school days. Dave, who is very talented in many areas, especially earned our gratitude in those early years, when he designed and built an efficient and affordable labeling machine for us - a later version of which we still use. Without this innovation, we would probably still be back in the "crack-and-peel" age. These days Dave has the responsibility of day-to-day production of the products. He also handles shipping and is the one who packs those boxes so well to assure your shipment's arrival without mishap. In addition, due to his many and varied skills, and his numerous years with the company, he can handle the many other jobs necessary to keep the company in shape, and get the products out to you. We are fortunate to have David as a key member of our team.

Due to the unusual processing and manufacturing methods our products require, it has been necessary to design and build most of our own equipment. As our company has grown, Steve Blades has utilized his many areas of expertise to develop that equipment and set up the procedures that make it possible for us to operate efficiently without abandoning the techniques necessary to maintain integrity of the products. And, you will see Steve's handwork on most of our display pieces, as well as in our mall and show booths. He is shown here applying a final wipe of Antique Improver to a prototype display shelf unit he has built, patterned after an old one of similar style. Steve also likes to tell others about the products, and you may get a chance to say hello to him at a show sometime.

John's brother, RB Kramer, serves as the company's official "bean counter", operating from his office in Nashville, Tennessee.  RB's past years of experience in artist management in the country music field, and as accountant for his own family business, make him the ideal person to keep the Kramer Company financially organized, and to take care of all of that time-consuming "number crunching" and paperwork.  Thanks to the modern miracles of e-mail, fax machines, and overnight mail, accounting via long distance has turned out to be a good arrangement for all.


The company 'critters':  
We don't think life is complete without a cat or a dog.  And we have one of each — Kate and Kitty.

John and Marian are shown here with Kate on her "adoption" day , as she says goodbye to her mother. (She was even a "monster" puppy.)

John and Kate see "eye to eye"— most of the time

Kitty is a real "copy cat" . . .

and she works soooo hard!

His heart lives in the shinin' mountains:  
Considering John's life-long interest in early American history, it is not surprising that he found his way West — and into the mountains. Of great importance in his life is the quarter-century he spent as a Hiveranno member of the American Mountain Men, and his present membership in the National Association of Frontiersmen where he is a member of the Elders Council. This influence and involvement in researching the old ways helped lead John to interests that resulted in development of the Kramer's Best products. Though there are no more months-long treks on horseback through the Rockies, John attends as many rendezvous and other NAF activities as possible.

On the trail in 1979 — that's John in the center.

John pictured here as a Santa Fe trader — abandoning his trademark hat in favor of "portable shade".

John with his prized Creek-pattern coat of buckskin made for him by a good friend.

In the '70s, "the hat", when made of leather, was known as a "forage cap".

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