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The Kramer's Best product you will use most often is the Kramer's Best Antique Improver. It is very versatile and will cover most of your restoration and maintenance needs. We do, however, offer 2 other products for more specialized needs. You will not need these products as often, but when you do, they are your very best choice for the job.

Kramer's Best Blemish Clarifier, is a powerful natural cleaner. It is useful and effective on wood, metal and many other materials. Use it for severe New Products (91 KB) cleaning projects that go beyond what the Antique Improver can do. Blemish Clarifier is very effective in tackling the removal of heavy grimy surface build-up and ground-in grease and oil. After becoming familiar with use of the Clarifier you will know beforehand when it is needed, but if you aren't sure, start with the Antique Improver. If you do not see the required results, pre-cleaning with Blemish Filthy Door (158 KB) Clarifier may be necessary. Use the Clarifier to go deep into the wood to help flush out embedded foreign materials or to help break down a thick surface buildup. Multiple cleanings may be necessary on the most severe cases. The Clarifier, because of its natural and compatible ingredients, goes deeply into the finish and the wood, gently displacing foreign materials, lifting them to the surface. Very old and severely damaged pieces might take several of these sessions to complete the restoration. Modern caustic cleaners may do the job quicker, but damage to the finish and the wood could be tragic. The final result of working slowly and surely with safe and gentle materials is worth the effort. After cleaning with the Clarifier, use applications of Kramer's Best Antique Improver to replace the natural oils and restore the color and beauty to the piece.

[Samples shown: The old cabinet door shown above was found on the floor of a barn. Several applications of Blemish Clarifier were needed to flush out years of accumulated grime and dirt. Clarifier was also used on half of the wood plane (right) to remove ground-in grease and dirt. The boiler lid is an example of one of the product's many other uses. It does an exceptional job cleaning a variety of materials. After cleaning with the Clarifier, each of these pieces had wipes of Kramer's Best Antique Improver. See the book of Instructions and Uses for full information.]

Plane BC (764 KB) Boiler Lid (267 KB)


Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl,  is for use on food service items, such as butcher blocks,WFO 3 Bottles (102 KB) salad bowls, cutting boards, etc. — anything that will be in direct contact with food. Keeping these utensils clean and safe requires regular washing with lots of hot soapy water and a scalding rinse. These pieces soon dry out, lose their color and will crack and split over time if left untreated. As with other modern wood care products, the formulations offered for the care of wooden food utensils usually have petroleum derivatives, such as mineral oil, as their base. Repeated use may leave a "gummy" build-up. Only materials natural to the wood are capable of furnishing what is necessary for effective care. Food-grade oils, such as the common vegetable oils may be more desirable, but may turn rancid over time. Our Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl,  when aWFO (523 KB)pplied occasionally as needed, reverses the dryness and at the same time maintains the natural appearance and condition of the piece.

Use your treenware, as it was intended, without worry. If the wood seems dry, work some of the Wood Food Oyl into the wood. Continue to use and care for your pieces in your normal way, reapplying the Wood Food Oyl, as necessary, if you begin to see surface dryness return.

Both the Kramer's Best Blemish Clarifier and Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl are exceptional products. Not everyone has a need for them, and you may not use them as often as you do the Antique Improver. But keep them in mind. After you have become familiar with using the Antique Improver and seen what it can do, you may find ways you can also use these to great benefit.


Complete information and instructions can be found in the 
Book of Instructions and Suggested Uses.

Remember to read and understand the instructions before using and

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