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For most efficient E-mail communication, please choose from the following addresses: goes directly to JOHN KRAMER. will go directly to MARIAN BLADES.  Marian is the one to contact about dealer display materials or to discuss dealer sales and setting up displays.  Also send Marian questions or information about the Kramer's mall booths. is to contact us ABOUT YOUR ORDER. is for your QUESTIONS about the products and their use. We will answer your questions as promptly as possible by "reply" e-mail.  If your question is of general interest, we may add it to our "Questions & Answers" page. is where we will look for your COMMENTS about your experiences using Kramer's Best products.  In our "Letters from Our Customers" page you will see some of the many we have received over the years.  We would like to add your comments to this page.  We are prepared to devote as much space as necessary to sharing what our customers have to say about using our products. We also invite you to visit and contribute to our FACEBOOK page. There you will find comments and before/after photos from our customers as well as news from Kramer's.  

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John T. Kramer, maker of Kramer's Best Antique Improver
P.O. Box 8715, Sugar Creek, MO  64054
816-252-9512 / Fax 816-252-9121
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