What makes it different?

This is a question we are asked frequently.  Sometimes, those who have used the product and seen for themselves what it can do, just want to better understand "what's going on here?" And prospective first-time purchasers especially have a problem believing that Kramer's Best Antique Improver can really do what we describe.

What does make Kramer's Best Antique Improver different?

The answer is really very simple:     Ingredients!  Ingredients!  Ingredients!

. . . and, of course, methods used to process those ingredients.

The multitude of products lining the shelves of our "super centers" today are produced with one ultimate goal in mind: sales.  And, of course, hopefully, lots of sales.  That is as it should be; that is what our economy, and hence our financial survival, is based upon.  The problem begins with the realization that sales are, most times, dependent on price, since usually it is the least expensive product that sells best.  And so the goal for the manufacturer often becomes, by necessity, to produce the least expensive product. 

If this economizing was limited to finding most efficient production methods, economical packaging, innovative marketing techniques, etc., it would be good.  But modern marketing seems to work just the opposite.  Competition is based upon the biggest and best advertising campaign, the flashiest packaging and promotion, and costly mass distribution.  What is compromised?  Too often product quality. 

Producing a quality product is dependent on 2 things — ingredients and processing methods.  And these are what make Kramer's Best products different.  Our products are formulated based on John's years of studying and using the old ways.  The ingredients and methods used were first chosen by our ancestors through trial and error to find what worked the best — then proven by hundreds of years of use.

In those simpler times, they used only what they had available — natural, minimally-processed materials.  And, they used their heads.  They knew that best results came from keeping things compatible — i.e., wood was best cared for with materials and finishes from similar sources of plants and trees.

However, products today that are designated for finishing and caring for wood usually contain none of the old compatible ingredients proven by our ancestors to be so beneficial.  Instead, most list some type of petroleum base with added modern chemicals and synthetics.  These may effect a temporary "look" of improvement, but offer nothing of long-lasting benefit to the deep down life and beauty of the wood.

Application of Kramer's Best Antique Improver  literally puts the life back into the wood.  It reverses dryness by replacing natural oils, restores color and beauty to the wood and the finish, then protects from future cracking and warping.  You will see your pieces getting better over time, even without reuse.

The old ways worked then — and they still do.  

Our goal and commitment is to preserve this knowledge, so hard learned by those of previous generations, and in so doing, furnish our customers with an exceptional product of benefit to all.

Try it. You will see the difference.



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